What We Do Best

International distribution

We deliver our goods to over 100 countries

Technical knowledge

Experience team of experts with strong technical know-how

Custom services

Custom services tailored to your industry requirements

Product specialization

We are specialists in Japanese servo motors, controllers, resolvers and encoders.

Our best Feature

Fast delivery

Goods are shipped to 72H

Japanese specialization

We are proud of our specialization. We specialize in such brands as Yaskawa, Tamagawa, Fanuc and other

The service operates 24/7

Do you have any questions? Call us and write always.


We ship the goods to over 100 countries

Unique knowledge

We will help you if you have a problem with servo motor, resolver or encoder


We are a reputable company employing only qualified engineers

We are almost ready...

Customer service 100%
Technical consulting 95%
Custom solutions 75%
Replacement parts 95%

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